Paris beauty

Some pictures from a beautiful Parisian apartment today, and I simply had to throw in a couple of adorable photos of little ones as babies are very much on my mind right now (my brother and his wife had a baby girl yesterday!). 

Photos: Apartment via maria claire Maison, children via mama
seventeendoors said...

Congrats to becoming an aunt :)
Lovely pics, as always.
Have a nice weekend!

marion said...

félicitations à la nouvelle tante!! et quel joli blog qui deviant quotidien pour moi.

michele said...

gorgeous children and spaces!


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

seventeendoors, Thanks, I'm so excited and I just can't hide it :)

marion, Merci beaucoup!

michele, Aren't they just, that little baby there sleeping like an angel...

Anonymous said...

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