Otherworldly charm

Photos: Campagne Decoration

P.S. Just realised that the same kitchen has appeared in my 'kitchen love files' before
Meine Dinge Franka said...

Longing for spring!!!!

♥ Franka

michele said...

they ARE otherworldly in their charm, and all the greys and warm white make my heart swoon.


seventeendoors said...

Just like in a dream..

Svenja said...

all so pretty, charming and special.
xx svenja

Meis Ideis said...

Amazing place

Ruth said...

This could be my dream home. Thank you for posting it! In what country dies it exist? What was its original purpose - a barn, church, schoolhouse or what? I love your blog. Best regards, Ruth

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Isn't it just incredible, literally like something out of another world.

Ruth, the house belongs to a painter and is located in Pays d'Auge in Normandy, France. I put the article into google translator, and apparently it's a disused pottery studio, which the owner has extended using reclaimed pieces of an old factory. You can see the full article here:

Ruth said...

Hi Rebecca, Thanks for responding to me about this wonderful house. I followed the link and loved seeing still more views. Best regards, Ruth

Linen and Burlap said...

LOVE these photos. Amazing space.