Chambres de Ville

Taking a mental note of this charming hotel if ever in Brussels. Those stacks upon stacks of earthenware - to die for!

Photos: Marie Claire Maison & Chambres en Ville
michele said...

loving how that mass of stoneware and books makes such a statement while remaining peaceful to the eye.

what a place!


Alison Agnew said...

i would love to go


pam in oregon said...

My two favorite things to collect are dishes and books, so I really enjoyed this post and found so much inspiration. I'm so appreciative of you for sharing such beauty with us! Thank you!!!

Tanja said...

Tämä jo yksistään voisi olla hyvä syy käydä Brysselissä, mutta se on kyllä kiva ja kiinnostava kaupunki muutenkin. Oon nähny tätä paikkaa esiteltävän useissakin lehdissä, mutta kiva, ukun nyt laitoit linkinkin. Hyvä, etten oo jo varaamassa matkaa, heh.

Isabelle le mistigris said...

Nice pictures and a lot of ideas.
Thank you for this post

saint ange said...

really so charming ! happy new year with beautiful things, beautiful pictures and love,love & love

Jo Harings said...

So lovely and peacefull

Emma said...

I love that house so much, I have been so inspired by it.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks all! It has such a soft, calming vibe and I love the slight edge that the books and abundant amount of crockery bring.