A French Christmas Home

Those *paper lamps* ! 

Photos: Campagne Decoration
LissyLou said...

gorgeous homes. I love the last pic of the hall, although not the animal rug!

Linda Wiersma said...

Thank you for the christmas inspiration pictures.

The front door picture is fantastic!

Rumour has it said...

Very pretty and inviting!

Anonymous said...

So nice !!!

Tanja said...

Kesästä asti on fuksianpunainen ja pinkit huudelleet minulle. Ja nytkin haluttaisi vaikka mitä ärmäkän punaista, ehkäpä kipaisen kukkakauppaan ostamaan fuksianpunaisia anemoneja. Myös vaaleanpunaiset ja fuksiat joulutähdet ovat hiukan houkutelleet.

michele said...

and that teepee in the hallway! omg. the first image is brilliant and this blogger could meditate upon it all day.

thanks so much for inspired lovely every single post. your eye is such an eye.


pam in oregon said...

Just when I had planned an "all white' Christmas, I am falling in love with the red in the first photo! I, too, love the hall and those paper lanterns and am presently conjuring up a scheme to hang some from my vaulted ceilings. Love. Thanks again for the wonderful images.

I hope you will show us how you are decorating for Christmas? Please?

Hanna H said...

Oh my, ompa tosiaan hienot varjostimet! Muutenkin tunnelma näyttää kutsuvalta..runsaalta, mutta silti jotenkin houkuttelevalta :)

Unknown said...

gorgeous blog :)


Sierra said...

Love, love love these!!!

Debbie Schramer said...

I absolutely love your blog!! It's the first blog I visit every day! Your blog is so beautiful. I addded your blog to my links, if that is alright with you.

I have a blog, too. Hope you'll visit it sometime. I was wondering though how you are able to have such nice featured ads for stores like Anthropologie, Toast, etc. That's so great. Also was wondering how you were able to use handwriting for your text? It looks so pretty!

Thanks so much for always inspiring me!!


seventeendoors said...

I love the kitchen and the hallway!
Have a nice weekend,

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

LissyLou, Must say I have mixed feelings about animal rugs and horns, too, but love the hallway!

Linda Wiersma, A pleasure, it's a rather wondeful house.

Something White, Wouldn't you just love to sit right down at that table and wait to be served :)

En passant..., Indeed!

tanja, Kuulinkin jo, että fuksianpunaiset kukat toteutuivat tällä välin :) On tuossa värissä jotain puoleensa vetävää kieltämäti!

michele, Thanks x That first picture captures so much warmth and cosiness, love it! post. your eye is such an eye.

pam in oregon, Funny you should mention an all white Christmas, as that's in the vein I thought about posting next... The paper lanterns are just amazing, definitely worth going in the scrapbook! I think I'm going much madder on Christmas on my blog than in real life, but I'll make sure I take a few snaps and show them :)

Hanna from the corner table, Runsasta tosiaan ja on jo omien rajojeni äärimailla. Ekassa taitaa olla tuo kristallikruunu, mikä himpun tökkii. Mutta silti niin kutsuvaa ja erilaista ja mukavaa voida arvostaa monenlaista, vaikka ei välttämättä omaa kotiaan ihan samanlaiseksi haluaisi. Mutta nuo paperilamput kyllä haluaisin kertakaikkiaan!

Manon H.A., Thank you so much!

Sierra, Rich an abundant inspiration or what :)said...

Debbie Schramer, Thank you ever so much for you kind words! I googled you and found your blog, as I didn't seem to find it from your profile, but it seems like you already found the font you mentioned :) I didn't find an email address for you, but why don't you pop me an email and I'll tell you more. Take care!

seventeendoors, A lovely weekend to you, too! That hallway is just so beautiful.

Enkel stil said...

Det dukade bordet är underbart!

Anonymous said...