Good morning from me! Today it's for the charming Barcelona home of half Belgian and half Dutch Kathleen Boonen and German Jan Donhardt, who together run fashion agency Lila&Tom (named after their two children). 

Images via Design*Sponge - you can read the article here.
Johanna Stålros said...

What a lovely home!!! Hugs, Johanna

Liivia said...

Tykkään tästä kodista kovasti, rento ja elämänmakuinen, ei sliipattu ja täytetty design-esineillä.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Johanna, so laid back and warm, hugs back!

Liivia, Tykkään kanssa juuri siksi, kirppislöytöjä ja mukavan rentoa meininkiä.

Anonymous said...

The house is very pretty and their web is amazing. They do a beautiful work.
Best Regards;

emma said...

I remember this house in Milk few years ago, I love the freedom of this deco.

michele said...

i recall seeing that first image somewhere and sighing with a sense of wonder and contentment. love these, rebecca!


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

emma, It's so welcoming and pared down, so lovely.

michele, The first one is so cute :) Glad you liked them!

Juniper said...

What a great home! Fantastic photos, the tiles the mix of colors and light, a delight to look at. Thank you!