I've started to mull over Christmas card ideas in my head. Rie Elise Larsen with her bright&beautiful creations is a sure bet for some crafting inspiration. 

Joulukorttiajatukset ovat alkaneet pikkuhiljaa muhimaan päässä. Rie Elise Larsenin värikkäistä luomuksista saa takuuvarmasti näpertelyyn inspistä. 

Photos: Rie Elise Larsen
seventeendoors said...

I have already started, too, and today I will make some flower arrangements, and pimp by balcony in a winterish way..
Thanx for linking to me the other day, that home is great inspiration..
Have a nice weekend!

Meine Dinge Franka said...

Love these colorful accents!

♥ Franka

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

seventeendoors, Sounds like a lovely plan! It's so great that you have a balcony, I hope they'll build some in our house one day, too. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Franka, They details are so vibrant against the grey, muted backgrounds.

Virginia López (VIRLOVA) said...

Beatufil details!! love your blog!! Emocional and inspirator post. Enjoy sunday ! Thanks a lot.

Virova Style

Anonymous said...

Love the candlesticks - tips on where to buy?