Style crush: Helena Christensen

I've had a bit of a style crush on Helena Christensen for years. Not only is she exceptionally stunning, but she also has a great look going on with a somewhat boho feel, 

as well as good taste when it comes to all things home, (but hey, she's Danish after all...). 
Here are some photos from her place in New York (although looking at these, I'm pretty sure the ones above have been shot in her home, too), 

and you'll find more via The Selby, here. 

Thanks for coming by! 

Photos:1-3, Diego Uchitel, 4-9 The Selby is in Your Place
 via Dans mon bodouir
Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem said...

Helena has always been my favourite super model too. She has such a fab boho style, and is stunning. Her photography is great too.

Allison said...

Gorgeous outfits and spaces!

Laura said...

vau, ihana! <3 mutta, todella, voiko muuta Tanskalaiselta ladylta odottaa... huoh!

Elsa said...

Minäkin pidän Helenan tyylistä ja hänen kauneudestaan!

Leah - The Inside Story said...

I have always loved her style too. Her home and her dress sense. I had posted a picture of that lounge area on my blog, but I never knew it was her home. Love everything. Leahx

Rebecca said...

Now THIS I ♥
I really like the brick walls, leather couch, and most everything else...

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Victoria, You can tell she has a creative vibe about her, all the more interesting.

Allison, Really love them, too - I think the soft dusky light in the portraits is amazing.

Laura, Älä muut sano!

Elsa, Ihan uskomattoman kaunis edelleen nyt nelikymppisenä.

Leah - The Inside Story, There's just something about her, exotic looks and great style. By the way, I was just reading that she has a vintage store in New York called Butik.

Rebecca, I wholeheartedly love this, too :)

Judith said...

This is perfect,i love her sense of style..clothes and home and they both compliment each other.
Sanctuary is a lovely place to visit!

Valloittava valkoinen said...

Kaunista tykkään! Haluaisin kengille tuollaisen paikan. ja ihana nahkasohva.

Martha said...

She is just absolute favourite supermodel..Those eyes....
Do you know if she still has her store in NY??
I have been there..but some years ago..
have a great evening..

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Judith, Thank you x. She's a pretty perfect package :)

Anu, Tuo nahkasohva on kyllä mahtava, hienosti kauhtunut. Kenkähyllystä haaveilen minäkin, en vaan tiedä minne sellaisen tunkisi.

Martha, She's spectacular, apparently her mum is Peruvian, so she has a pretty interesting gene pool. Exciting that you've been to her store! Had to double check, according to Wikipedia: "The pair previously ran Butik, a shop in New York's West Village. Christensen has sold some of her vintage clothes line in her mother's store, the Yo-Yo Second Hand Shop, in Christianshavn, Copenhagen, Denmark." She seems to be focusing more on photography these days.

Liivia said...

Tämä nainen on ikuisesti idolini!

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca,
Had to be away from blog visiting for awhile, but here I am back and it's lovely to find you have been sharing so so much inspiration!
Helena isn't she amazing! And like you say Danish so it follows she has exquisite taste in clothes & decor.
Style crush posts are always amongst favourites
Love n wishes Kat x
(Of secretsofabutterfly)

Unknown said...

I always adored Helena and even tried to die my hair that sunny beach blonde she sported for a short while, but with much less success, (read: destroyed hair).