Some dreamy bathrooms

What would make your dream bathroom?
Minkälainen on sinun unelmakylppäri?

Photos: 1,2, 3 Gardener and Marks, 4,7  Maison & Travaux, 5,6 Plaza, 8 Lonny mag
evalevabo said...

Ah tänk att få sitta och lata i vita fotöljer efter badet...snygga bilder.
Kram Eva

michele said...

oh rebecca--these are such lovely examples of gorgeous bathrooms. the ideal one for me is very functional! i would rather have function for this room than aesthetics actually. natural surfaces like stone, quiet colors, and fixtures that function well. and i love a bath!


pam in oregon said...

All lovely. You are a fount of beautiful and creative inspiration! Your consistent choice of amazing images always makes my day. Thank you!

Bohemian said...

Ah... Bathroom Bliss! Right now we're working on an Outside Tub Room... we presently have an old cast iron Slipper Tub out there with a Salvaged Brick Floor... but there is still so much we want to do! For now the Grandkids LOVE taking their tubbies out there in the Sunshine or under the Stars!

For me the perfect Bathroom would be a HUGE one like some of these Photos depict. Alas, we live in a 100 year old Desert Homestead and back in the day when it was built they didn't even have indoor plumbing {Wild West you know back in the Day}... and so the Bathrooms on the interior of the House & Carriage House were built much later and are cubby sized with only Shower Stalls with Saloon Style Doors... which are cool, but I so miss languishing in the Tub... and wouldn't it be ideal to have a seating area and a fireplace in a Bathroom!?!?!!! Hey, when I Dream, I Dream BIG! *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Claudia Lane said...

I'll take any of these...they are just gorgeous

Claudia xo

Valloittava valkoinen said...

Oi ihana jos sais sellaisen kylppärin johon vois sijoittaa valkoisen nojatuolin ja tassu ammeen! Ja kattoon tietysti kristallikruunu! Ja tilaa kynttilöille! Eli vähän kaikkea noista sun löytämistä kuvista. Kiitos jälleen!

Iloista torstaita sinulle!


Ivy and Elephants said...

All I can do is sigh ... I love them all. They truly are "dream" baths!
Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

evalevabo, Låter som ett dröm&tack!

michele, It has to work, yes. Here in Finland we also have rather tight standards for what's allowed in a wet area, right down the tile size used on floors. The use of carpets in bathrooms, as is often the case in Britain, would be a definite no no :)

pam, Thank you so much, now you made my day :)

Bohemian, Your tub room and everything surrounding it sound flabbergasting! I'd love a big bathroom, too, (which ain't gonna happen in this town pad) and, like you, have always thought a little fireplace would be perfect in a bathroom. As would a few old paintings and a couple of chairs...

Claudia Lane, I could just jump into any of them, too :)

Anu, Ihan unelmalta kuulostaa. Kyllä se vanha tassuamme olla pitää, kynttilöitä ja kasa käsintehtyä saippuaa.

Patti, *Ivy and Elephants* conjures up such magical images. Thanks so much for stopping by!

design a bathroom said...

I know they are kind of dreamy bathroom but a dream can come true. What you say about this?