Seaside dream

I noticed via Anna Mård that the seaside house of Swedish stylist Eva Lindh is up for sale. Wouldn't say no to a little country hideaway by the sea myself. 

We had a lovely day at the local food festival in Fiskars today, mingling with cute cows, celeb chefs and good friends. Hope your weekend is going swimmingly! 

With love, Rebecca

Merja said...

Oho, siis nyt vasta huomasin että sinulle on tullut mainoksia?

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Merja, Ihan tuore juttu tosiaan. Pyyntöjä on ollut kaikenlaisia, joihin en ole pystynyt suostumaan. Linjana se, että mainostus pysyy siististi ja selkeästi tuossa sivupalkissa eikä tunge tänne sisällön puolelle. Ja vain putiikkeja, joista itse tykkään todella.

Ariane Reichardt said...



Rebecca said...

I love the location, but think I'd have to invest in some serious sunglasses to cope with all the white!!! (But that's just me.)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Ariane :)

Rebecca, I know what you mean, a little too much white for my liking, too. But an incredible location and a beautiful house in itself.