Esprit Brocante

Today for a Parisian apartment with great use of space. I think interior windows as room dividers can be such a practical and stunning element.

For the full article, click here - and some more photos under Maisons here.

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Rumour has it said...

Well, I just subscribed as your 1st follower on Facebook!!... :D

Fran said...

Rebecca. I love your blog so much, and this post is very nice,
Regards from Spain
Fran (Etxekodeco)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Something White, Excited, I'm honoured :)

Fran, Thank you so much, warm greetings to Spain x

Monique said...

Your blog is beyond amazing. Thank you for sharing!

K A T A R I N A said...

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Love Katarina

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Monique, Thank you for your kind words, x

Katarina, I came over and was impressed, great work!