Emily Chalmers

A change of scenery did us a wealth of good, but it is lovely to be back again. Today for the home of Emily Chalmers, who seems one busy lady as stylist, shop owner and author of a pile of books. She lives in a converted warehouse in London's Shoreditch, filled with flea market finds and all things nice. Her shop Caravan Style can be found here

Maisemanvaihdos teki hyvää, mutta hyvältä tuntuu olla taas täälläkin. Tänään kurkitaan Emily Chalmersin kotiin - hän asuu vanhassa varastorakennuksessa Lontoon Shoreditchissä ja on haalinut kotinsa täyteen kirpparilöytöjä ja kaikkea kaunista. Lukuisine kirjoineen, stylistinä ja putiikin pitäjänä Emily vaikuttaa kieltämättä mukavalla tavalla kiireiseltä ihmiseltä. Tästä pääsee kurkkaamaan Emilyn Caravan Style -kauppaa.

Thank you for your comments while I've been away, I'll get back to them very soon! Must get the dinner on :) 

Kiittelen jättämistänne kommenteista tällä välin, palailen niihin ihan pian! Nyt pitää lähteä iltaruoan tekoon :)

Photos: Inga Powilleit
Meine Dinge Franka said...

You are back - that's nice, because you always post such interesting homes!

♥ Franka

kittenrocket said...

Fabulous! I really love your taste in interiors. Thanks for such a wonderful blog!

flwrjane said...

Welcome back and thank you for welcoming us back with such a fabulous space.

xo jane

cathypentonatelier said...

Some people are just so wonderfully creative they make you smile...Lovely to have you back cxo

Claudia Lane said...

the kind of home I love...just fab
Welcome back!
Have a great week
Claudia xo

michele said...

i love emily's home, rebecca! the living area is nothing short of dreamy, and all i can think is show me even more images of this place.

welcome home.


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Lovely Franka, thank you, x

kittenrocket, Thanks ever so much!!

Jane, Thank you, it's such a pleasure to be back!

Cathy Louise, I love getting to peep into the homes and creations of these talented people, they do inspire!

Claudia, Such a whimsical, happy place - thanks for the warm words!

michele, I bet her home evolves a great deal, not sure when these were taken but will definitely have to keep on the lookout for more :)

Unknown said...

Hi rebecca
Emily's style is so unique isn't it. So quirky and very British, I like the vintage touches. though some of the rooms darker elements aren't for me, I do find the floral fabrics uplift the look.
Kat x

E. said...

I love Emily's style and her books! Great to see this featured on your blog!

x E.

Victoria Jacobson said...
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