Enthralled by the bursts of colour and light in this home,

while also captivated by the dark hidden corners and mysterious beauty of this stunning place

Photos: marie claire Maison
Meine Dinge Franka said...

Very special colour on the wall, but it fits perfectly!


polkadotpeticoat said...

From top to bottom these are just perfect every square inch of them!!

michele said...

mysterious, yes!

i'm captivated by all the images you post on this beautiful blog. endless inspiration and a feast for the senses!


Lili Emilia said...

nice, I love the colors in the first picture!

Anu.R said...

Kotoisa olo tulee tuosta parvesta.

Madame Morell said...

Laidback feeling....mmmm.

Anonymous said...

Rebeca, you have a really beautifull blog. See it is very relaxing. All your post are sweet and very lovely. Congratullation!! I love it and I´ll continue follow it.

Fru N och villa Någorlunda said...

Very nice :) Inspiring!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Franka, bold & effective choice of walls indeed.

polkadotpeticoat, inspiring!

michele at hellolovelyinc, the riad looks like such a fascinating place. So glad you get inspired here, it's so lovely to hear that.

Lili Emilia, Such wonderful and vibrant hues that seem to burst out of the pictures.

rva Reipas, Niin tosiaan, näistä saa vähän parvi-inspistäkin. Aika hauska idea vetää valkoiset verhot eteen.

M a d a m e M o r e l l, Yes, so happy and relaxing!

loquelvientosedejo, Thank you so so much, it was so nice to read your message x

Fru N och villa Någorlunda, Glad you thought so!