She looks like an angel

Urbanstems said...

These are beautiful images. I love images with pianos. Sinead

lottilou said...

Some days ago I gave you a stilish blogger award because your blog it's so inspiring to me!!!!
I ♥ your blog

Anonymous said...

Inspiring to me too, your blog is the best <3

Meine Dinge Franka said...

O yes I like the you tube clip!


Unknown said...

I love A fine frenzy!
Didn't recognise her at first as she changed her hair to blonde!
It looks beautiful as do the other photos
You find us such inspiring things
Kat x

michele said...

i love her hair like this! she IS an angel--thanks for pointing me toward RUE! love your blog.


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Urbanstems, And there were more beautiful ones on Rue, worth a read!

Charlotte, Thank you Charlotte so so much, makes me happy :) Take good care x

Anonymous, Awww, thank you x

*Tasiaa, There's a lot of her stuff over on Spotify, too, a pleasant discovery!

kat, I'd never heard of it before, so was very happy to find it! Blonde does look so soft and poetic on her, what a lady

michele at hellolovelyinc, Glad I was able to point you to Rue, there was a lot of nice stuff in the latest issue!