Following our Epiphany mayhem of packing away Christmas and having our kids' friends round, I've enjoyed a tranquil evening feasting my eyes on the Sisters Agency treasure chest. It's got to be my ultimate eye candy getaway and I was even happier to discover they'd added a whole lot of new stuff since my last visit (and larger photos!). It's almost impossibly difficult to choose which home to post, so why not go for the home of Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer herself, the amazing talent behind the agency. Some of you may have come across these recently at least in the Finnish Divaani magazine and Norwegian Elle Interior

Photos: Sisters Agency
Meine Dinge Franka said...

so light and white and light ...


Unknown said...

Her home is stunning isn't it!
I always love the look of white homes but I'm not sure I could
live in one myself. I would feel too cold especially with all the dark nights.
I would miss colour as well,
Happy new year honey
Kat x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Salut Tasia, Exactemant :)

kat, Incredibly stunning! I love all the details here, but I must say that the appeal of a glisteningly white floor has worn off for me. (Love the floor in the kids' bedroom though!) Her little office is such a gem and I still keep dreaming about one of those empire chandeliers...