We have snow!

Heidi said...

What a wonderful warm winter post! I looove your snowman he's tops!

Meine Dinge Franka said...

Snow is so nice when it is fresh and it's powder snow.

Hope you got such a snow! :-)


Eleni Psyllaki said...

Beautiful images! Xmas is just around the corner ^_^!
Greetings from sunshiny (still) Crete!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Heidi, My daughter was absolutely bursting to get out this morning, she made it with a little help from daddy, carrot nose and chestnut buttons.

Tasiaa, It's still white and fluffy, but unfortunately doesn't tend to stay that way in town.

Eleni, Ooh, I wouldn't mind some Cretian sun myself :) We actually went there on honeymoon many years ago and loved it! Especially with some snow on the ground now Christmas does seem to be approaching. Should at least start to think about this year's cards.

Millas hem said...

Beautiful pictures!!!


Machy said...

Thanks for posting a beautiful picture of snow.
Living in the tropical country now, so nice to feel the winter which I miss...

Tanja said...

Olet jyllä ihanan ilmavasti osannut tallentaa lumitunnelmat. Minä olin ensin ihan kriisissa sen loskan takia, ja olen vähän vieläkin. Mutta nyt kun on vielä hiukan pakkasen puolella niin onhan tää lumi ihan kivaa. Mun Zappani menee kyllä ihan sekavaksi onnesta.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Milas hem, Thank you x

Machy, As much as the cold can be annoying sometimes, I think I just might miss it, too, if we never had it. Maybe we could swap places for a week or so :)

tanja, Joo, minäkään mikään varsinainen lumi-ihminen. Loskaksihan se täällä hetkessä yleensä menee eikä se kivaa laisinkaan. Siinä mielessä se pikkukuurakin mulle riittäisi. Mutta niin kuin sulla Zappa niin mulla lapset on niin kertakaikkisen onnellisia tuosta, että kyllähän sitä heidän puolestaan on mielissään. Nyt on kyllä kaupunkikin kauniina!

Alissa @ Homemade Gifts said...

Snow is just so beautiful! And your pictures totally capture the mood :)

Julie Sardinetin said...

I was in Helsinki last week, and left just as the snow arrived on Thursday - was soooo disappointed I couldn't stay for a few days longer and enjoy it a little. Such lovely pictures!

giveto said...

quelle chance!!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks so much Alissa, it fills everything with a muted, peaceful beauty.

JulieB, I can't believe you were here :) Glad you got to see it, though and hope you had a nice time!

giveto, Merci!

Unknown said...

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