Boulevard Leopold

If I were ever in Antwerpen, Boulevard Leopold is where I would HAVE to stay! (I'm in love with those tiles, the bathroom, the kitchen, everything, gasp! Mind you, antlers still don't really work for me.)

I'll be away from my laptop next week, so look forward to catching up with you a little later. 

Photos: Studio Aandacht
Heidi said...

I love it all the wood work,doors,windows and the antlers kind of work in the space...but not a favorite I agree!

Noamaja said...

Lovely pics! And I can see you are just as in love in Denamrk/Copenhagen as I am! Just returned after 3 weeks visiting family.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!

Take care!

Kaylovesvintage said...

I""m in Antwerp in the let me know when you come and we have coffee

And Kathleen said...

How dreamy!

Liivia said...

Aivan ihana paikka! Tuonne minäkin:)

giveto said...

hello, your blog is new for me and i love it, very beautiful
bonne journée

sara, designers call said...

Beautiful hotel! I love the tiles too. Happy that this is a place the public can enjoy too.

red dirt revival said...

oh my goodness!! There's a sad stillness that makes these spaces just lovely...

Victoria Bellow said...

oh My Gosh! love it all!!! they are all stunning!It looks really nice. I love the cozy set up in your living room. the rooms are fresh, modern and worldly.Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

Juniper said...

Am hooked now too, this place is so cool! Love the feel of the spaces, tranquil and calm yet interesting.. a perfect backdrop for a good story.

Angela Furlong said...

Delicious, gorgeous images - loved them all. Such great inspiration, thank you.

Angela x

MANDY said...

I am in love with every photograph, I'm feeling very, very inspired right now, thanks so much !!!!

Vanya Wilkinson said...

how stupendous, I adore the bathroom

Merja said...

Luulen että nyt täytyy tehdä matka Antwerpeniin ihan tuon paikan vuoksi.. Ooh miten hieno!

violet said...

Nonnii! Tästä saivat kaikki joiden mielestä Belgiassa on rumaa;-)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Heidi, I agree that the antlers work here and do add a bit of edge on the whole. They seem to be around a lot, but, like you, haven't totally warmed to them.

Noamaja, Glad to hear from another Denmark fan, thanks for your lovely message!

Kaylovesvintage, Oh my, what a coincidence, hope you had fun! I'll be sure to give you a buzz next time :)

And Kathleen, Dreamy, yes!

Liivia, Pitää tosiaan lisätä toivelistalle!

Véro, Thank you! So glad you came by :)

Sara, The tiles really are so incredibly lovely. Oh to be able to stay in a place like that one day!

RedDirtRevival, The place does seem to breath an air of standing in time, doesn't it?

Victoria Bellow, It's a pleasure to share, so glad you liked them, thank you!

Juniper, I agree that there's a great ambience, which is far from being over-the-top pretty or too romantic. But such subtle, timeless beauty.

Angela, Really glad you enjoyed them!

Mandy, Your so welcome, these continue to inspire me, too!

Vanya, The bathroom is just perfection!

Merja, Samaa tuumailin, muuten en kaupungista niin paljoa tiedäkään, mutta tämä paikka jo riittäisi houkutukseksi.

Violet, Juur näin :)

Tina said...

Rebecca your blog is stunning... very inspiring.
My 90 year old grandmother is from Denmark and from what I can see from your lovely photo's she's right .... a beautiful place.
Many thanks for sharing your inspiration.