Tine K

Tine K has a flair that I just cannot get enough of - fresh and clean-lined with some great texture thrown in. For the latest catalogue and more inspiration, have a look here.

Tine K:n tyyli jaksaa minua ihastuttaa - raikasta, selkeää, ripaus rouheaa. Kuvasto ja muuta ihasteltavaa täällä.

LissyLou said...

What fantastic pictures. x

Geisslein said...

Oh I really love TineK too! Such a great style!

Valloittava valkoinen said...

Ihania kuvia noissa juuri ihanan kepeä sävy!

*Marie* said...

yes yes she is such a great designer!!! I love the simple danish ethno style...... sending you hugs *Marie*

H A N N A S - F O R M said...

Hej!!! Tusen tack för din hälsning, den gjorde mig glad!!! Tine K är en njutning för ögat, kikar ofta in till hennes hemsida!!!!

Varmaste kramen

Rumour has it said...

Yes, indeed Tine K is a great brand. I like especially the nice contrast of black/white stuff with silver, purple and brown accents. So beautiful! Unfortunately it isn´t easy to find all items of her collection in Belgium. I definitely should emigrate to Denmark... :D

Mari said...

Ihania kuvia ;) Menekin heti kuvastoa katsomaan!

Solange said...

Love Tine K. so beautiful and well, as you say, fresh.
I wish my house was a bit like hers!

enjoy your day,


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

LissyLou - Glad you liked them :)

Geisslein - I agree, so unfussy and beautiful!

Anu - Näytti olevan keveää ja keväistä noissa uudemmissa kuvissa!

Marie - I agree a 100%, take care!

Hanna - Tack så väldigt mycket, vilka värmande ord!

Something White - She has such a great, simple yet bespoke style! It's not so easy to find here either, I only know of one shop in Helsinki where you can get her items, and I'm grateful for that gem of a shop :)

Mari - Kiva kun miellytti :)

Solange - I wish I could live in her house :)