The sky is grey, and I am dreaming of summer evenings,
Taivas on harmaa ja unelmoin kesäilloista,

windowsills full of geraniums,
pelargonioista ikkunalaudan täydeltä,

doing up the playhouse,

hanging out the washing in the summer breeze,
pyykinkuivatuksesta kesätuulessa,

cool, homemade lemonade in the garden,
kylmästä, itsetehdystä sitruunalimonaadista pihalla nautittuna,

days out,

summer flowers,

and picking a few for the kitchen table.
ja muutaman poimimisesta keittiön pöydälle.

Photos: 1. Sköna hem, 2. Per Ranung, 3. Drömhem&trädgård, 4. Judith Wilson: Children's Spaces, 5. Anita Kaushal: Home, 6. Dorrit Elmquist: Viihtyisiä ja valoisia koteja, 7. Chris Everard via Sarah Kaye, 8. Sköna hem, 9. Katy McDonnell via Sarah Kaye
Friederike said...

Beautyfull pictures i like them very much and i love the summer. I would like to add you if it is ok for you.
Have a nice evening and greedings from Germany!

Tante Freddy

Vintage living said...

Samanlaisissa unelmissa täälläkin eletään:)

*Marie* said...

Ohh I´m dreaming with you!!! Here we have sooo bad weather ! It´s rainy and very stormy!! The roof has lost 3 shingels and my mom called me yesterday from Germany that they have a sunny day with 19 *Celsius!!! The people outside wearing T-shirts and make barbeque:(( hello Mr. Sun did you forget Denmark? When I look at your dreamy pictures, I must think at my messy garden with all the leaves and branches, there´s sooo much work to do!!! And at the moment I´m not in the mood to work in the wet cold garden!!But when the sun comes out I will send you a big pice of it:))).... Take care..*Marie*

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Tante Freddy - Of course that would be ok, thank you! I can't wait for the summer to come! Take care, x

Vintage Living - Välillä tulee ihan mahdoton lämpimän ja vihreän kaipuu, kuten sullakin oli tässä lähiaikoina postauksen otsikkona. Kaupungin ytimessä ei kyllä koskaan vaikuttaneet vuodenajat niin paljon omaan olemiseen hyvässä ja pahassa, niin kliseeltä kuin se tuntuukin!

Marie - Luckily you bring a big piece of the sun by just throwing such beautiful comments no matter what the weather is out there :). Here it seems to snow down wet slush one day and look green the next. Waiting for an early spring! And yes, it gets too wet and cold in between to do anything major in the garden, although I'd be itching to get my hands dirty to get some practice :)

Liivia said...

Alin kuva aivan hurmaava! Monta muutakin unelmaa noissa tosiaan. Yksi pienisuuri haaveeni on ollut aina riippukeinu. Nyt olis piha, mutta kun ei yhtään puuta sillalailla että riippukeinun niihin saisi.

Anonymous said...

WoW...some very beautifully captured shot!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures. The gardens and flowers remind me of many of the gardens we have seen this week as we have travelled around on a late summer holiday in southern Australia.

Stardust said...

Näitä kuvia taidankin palata katselemaan lähipäivinä aina kun sataa!!

Solange said...

oh, what nice pics! lovely, the summer feeling, after this long, winter. I am longing for some sunshine.
I hope you are all settled again, after you trip to London, and enjoy the coming weekend!


cd&m said...

Sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you we can dream too. Thank you! Anne.

Merja said...

Oi kesä. Tulisit jo!

Minä palasin juuri Pariisin keväisistä tunnelmista. Ei hassumpaa sekään.

Ranvita said...

Great blog you have ! I totally share your passion :-o)
I see you use one of our prof. photos in the graphic design of your Blog-header ...(with the shoes) Would be nice if you refer to us !
Love and happy greetings from

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post and gorgeous pictures!I agree with you, we certainly need the summer now.
Ireland has had grey skies for a while (well the sun shows its face every now and then) - and I just want to sit on my deck and enjoy the sunshine!
Heres to summer! (Holding up a Cocktail...)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thank you beautiful people!!! Your words bring out the sun!

Ranvita - thank you for your kind and fair comment, I have added a reference on the sidebar now. I am really sorry for the ignorance on my part for not establishing the source! I am really glad I found your blog this way, too!

Fine Little Day said...

Lovely idylls.

Reginas Cottage said...

Wonderful pictures! I'm dreaming
also from summer.
Have a nice evening,