Thank you Inkivääri and Vintage Living for the honour! I'd like to pass this on to all those on my sidebar, but as the name of the game is just ten, here goes:

Kiitos Inkivääri ja Vintage Living kunniasta! Kukkaset haluaisin ojentaa kaikille, jotka löytyvät linkkilistastani, mutta kun kerran vain kymmenen kuuluu sääntöihin niin tässä tulee:

Thank you for the daily inspiration you give me and all the encouraging words, you make my day!

Kiitos päivittäisestä inspiraatiosta ja rohkaisevista sanoista, you make my day!

Photo: Dorrit Elmquist

Nuttula said...

Oi kiitos maininnasta! Minäkin tykkään kovasti kaikesta kauniista mitä tarjoat aina sivuillasi! Onpas mukavaa pitkästä aikaa lueskella blogeja, minulla on työkiireiden takia ollut vähän hiljaisuutta blogimaailmassa.

*Marie* said...

Thank you very much for nominating me again!!!! As i can see on you pictures you are working hard on that room!!! But I think when the room is finished it would look absolutely briliant!!!! In summertime we will start to renovate the first floor of our house,too. Because the preowners did something wrong with the roof.:( have a nice week...LG*Marie*

Solange said...

Thank you!! I was so suprised to see my name :-) on your awards list.
I've seen that you are working hard on your room, a real progress! I can imagine its a lot of work, but the outcome must be fantastic and now you can dream about the decoration. we are still looking for a house, maybe we have found something, but with a lot of work to do.
I wish you a nice day, I am running off to work!