Friday Inspiration

Christmassy home of Kiki Dantved, Danish interior architect and owner of interior shop Le Crapaud. You can click on the images to get a closer read.

Perjantai-inspiksenä sisustusarkkitehti ja sisustusliike Le Crapaud'in omistajan, Kiki Dantvedin jouluinen koti. Klikkaamalla kuvia pitäisi lukemisenkin onnistua.

Images: 25 Beautiful Homes
Mustikka said...

Hienot kuvat, kiitos! Tuo talo ja sisustus on taidettu esitellä useammassakin lehdessä. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so nice, I like inspirations like that!!!!Thank you!!!!

*Marie* said...

You have an absolutely sweet blog I like it very well.

Sea Angels said...

What a super post I might go out and get the magazine, thanks for sharing that article, that was nice of you. Have a good saturday,xx

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

mustikka - Eipä kestä, on varmaan vilahtanut juu!

blasse-vielfalt - Thank you for your nice words!!

marie - Thank you so much, so nice to get some encouragement!

sea angels - Thank you so much! Sorry if you've rushed to get the magazine for this article, as it's from an old one :( You can find more inspiration and articles on her home at

Sea Angels said...

Thats kind of you thankyou. I would so like some Angel wings like the one's in your pictures.
That is the trouble with looking at all these fabulouse things is'nt it!!!
Thanks for looking at my table, and your really nice comment was very much appreciated
Hugs Lynn xx

an angel at my table said...

Thanks for the lovely article.