Pleasures in the Post

Just a quickie - today the post brought a pile of goodies including wallpaper samples and a colour chart from Farrow&Ball. I have read so many praises about their paints and perfect traditonal tones that I wanted to find out for myself. I figured that if feeling more budget-conscious I can always take the chart with me to the local paint shop and gamble at matching a near enough shade.

Also the latest issue of Lantliv landed in the post box. Somehow I've felt a little disappointed with recent numbers but I thought these rose-inspired pages were rather sweet.

I also received a few goodies from Amazon - more on these tomorrow!

We had the treat of having my parents over for the weekend again - it's not only nice to see them but also offers the rare opportunity for us to get out a bit without the children. We enjoyed Sunday lunch in these rather idyllic surroundings with lake views. The food wasn't bad either!

Myy said...

Tuolta siskon blogin kommenttipoksista piipahdin. Valtavan ihania kuvia, tulen toistekin. =)

Myy said...

Laitoin väärin, kun siskon kommenttipoksin kommentoijan kommenttipoksista... ;)


Oh how wonderful!!The pictures i mean! I really love that magazine :) I also use painting from Farrow & Ball. They have the greatest colours, so dusty and beautiful :) Yes you are totally right, not the cheapest one, but the result is amazing. Good idea though..