On the Coffee Table

This week we've all been down with the flu and I've had a lot on in the evenings, but now at last it feels like being back in the land of the living. Homemade apple pie starts the weekend off quite nicely.

And what could be a better pick-me-up than a few new books! The first two, Junk Style by Melanie Molesworth and The Relaxed Home by Atlanta Bartlett have actually been out for a while now, and I justified getting the compact (hence cheaper) versions just because they looked so appealing. And Atlanta Bartlett is definitely a shabby chic guru for me... But I did come to realize that size does matter when it comes to coffee table books, and flicking through the pages doesn't give quite the full pleasure when you have to squint!

Junk Style is packed with beautiful images and encouragement to source flea markets, auctions and salvage yards. Using an object in a novel way is an inspiring thought, such as in the image below where a former gate now serves as a rather lovely bedhead.

The Relaxed Home is all about comfortable, romantic rooms. Neutral backgrounds with splashes of colour and floral patterns. Nothing too fussy or over-the-top perfect.

My main object of desire was, however, Vintage Fabric Style by Lucinda Ganderton and Rose Hammick. They say never judge a book by its cover but this time round that was one of the sole things that beckoned me to get the book! (Dreaming of a similar blanket, or two, or three...)

Luckily, the content wasn't a let-down either. Lots of inspiring images covering each room and some special occasions and a few step-by-step projects that looked appealing even for a beginner like myself. And as someone inexperienced in sewing I enjoyed the fact that the book also features instructions on different seams, edges and stitches for altering vintage fabrics.

I realize this ended up rather long, well done for making it this far! - I wish you a relaxing, inspiring weekend!
P.S. You can click on the images to get a closer peek.

Nuttula said...

Kiitos katsauksesta!! Kauniita kuvia! Vintage Fabric Style puuttuu omista kokoelmistani, nyt tekee mieli hankkia se...Minulla on myös muutama noita compact size -kokoisia kirjoja, jotka olen hankkinut hinnan houkuttamana, mutta olen myös todennut koolla olevan merkitystä.

OhSoVintage said...

I love all these books. I have 'Home Sanctuary', 'Comfortable Country', 'Creating Country Style', 'Junk Style', 'Vintage Fabric Style' and 'Vintage Inspirations'. I also have the Cabbages & Roses book 'Vintage Chic'. I agree with you about the larger format being better but I just can't get enough of them and sit drooling over some of the images!

Victoria May Plum said...

I really don't have enough books, the 'vintage fabric style' sounds fantastic.
Another wonderfully inspirational post xx

Thankyou for popping over.
Yes the eiderdown is vintage, it is so plump and soft. And the Durham quilt wrapped over the headboard is vintage too. I have too many old quilts!

I hope that you have answered my little blog quiz (on the right hand side of my blog)...

Victoria x

Niina said...

Olipa mukava sivusto...kauniita kuvia, joissa paljon silmää ja sielua virkistävää. Tänne palaan uudestaan!

Niina said...

Iik miten ihastuttavia värejä, kankaita ja tunnelmia kirjoistasi löytyy. Huokailen täällä ihastuksesta. Niin ja mmm... mistäs kumman syystä minun alkoi tehdä mieli omenapiirakkaa? Nam.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Nuttula - kiva kun kävit! Huomasin, että sulla oli samaista aihepiiriä käsittelevä kirja ajankohtaisena, näytti kivalta.

Oh So Vintage - Thank you for dropping by! So many lovely books, definitely addictive!

Victoria - I don't think one can have enough books :) Thank you for your nice words! And I am seriously envious of that eiderdown! I came over to put in my answer by the way. Take care for now!

Cozy Place - Kiitos kauniista sanoistasi ja siitä kun poikkesit! Palaillaan puolin ja toisin :)

Niina - Kiitos! Muiden blogeissa vilahtavilla leipomuksilla herää mulla aina samainen vaikutus, jotenkin niissä omissa ei vain näe sitä samanlaista hohtoa...

Anonymous said...

Ensinnäkin, aivan ihanat sivut, olen koukussa kaikkiin kauniisiin kuviisi. Ihania tunnelmapaloja kodistasi ja ympäristöstäsi.

Toiseksi, kuten Niinankin sait haluamaan omenapiirakkaa, niin minutkin :-) Ei sattuisi olemaan reseptiä jaettavaksi tuosta taivaallisen näköisestä leipomuksestasi?

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Anonymous - kiitos ihanasta kommentistasi, sanasi lämmittivät!

Kyseinen piirakka tulee tosi perusaineksista, mutta kun omenat jäävät sinne kuoren alle tulee melkoisen mehevä! Ohje löytyy täältä: